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I started needlepointing at three years old while sitting on my grandmother's lap.  She patiently let me pull long, uneven stitches through her canvas and later, when I wasn't looking, discretely pulled them out.  I have been stitching ever since, although my stitch has greatly improved!


While a teenager, I took a course on painting needlepoint in Chautauqua, NY.  I didn't think much about it, until I went in search of a pair of canvases to match my living room chairs a number of years ago and couldn't find the right look.  Next thing you know, I decided to started my own design line.   My designs tend to emphasize the natural world and the outdoors and reflect my love of gardening and animals. 

Now In addition to my own designs, I am proud to introduce the Anderson Design Group's National Park Series to the needlepoint arena.  Their work captures the iconic designs started during the WPA, which lend themselves nicely to needlepoint.  Click the link above if you want to explore all the great items they carry.

Judy Keenan

judy border_opt c.jpg
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